Termite Control

termite-controlSouthland Pest Control’s Termite Services division provides termite inspections, fumigation, heat treatments, termite “spot treatments” and wood damage repair to Riverside, San Bernardino and East Los Angeles county. We provide comprehensive warranties on all of our termite treatments, whether they be for Drywood termites or Subterranean termites.

 Southland Pest Control offers low cost termite inspections and 2nd opinions in Riverside, San Bernardino and East Los Angeles county. The US spends $5 billion dollars exterminating and repairing damage left by termites every year. Did you know your home is 10 times more likely to be damaged by termites than by fire! Termites infest 1 in 30 homes across the country, averaging $8,174 for treatments and wood damage repairs. Homeowner’s insurance does not typically cover termite damage, leaving you to pay for the expense.


Termite escrow reports are also known as “wood destroying pests and organism inspection report.” Termite inspections are ordered by the bank funding the propertys loan or second mortgage. Your termite inspector will inspect the exterior of your home, paying extra attention to typical termite harborages. Southland Pest Control provides termite escrow reports for a nominal fee. If termite work is required, the fee will be waved.


  • Signs of a possible termite infestation include;
  • Termites swarm during wet or hot weather and discard wings when they find a suitable place to infest your home. Swarmer termites are commonly found near doors, windows or attic spaces.
  • Termite “Frass” – Small piles of hard pellets are “kicked out” from wood members.
  • “Mud tubes” – these termite super highways provide security for subterranean termites as they make their way into your home.
  • If you see any of these tell-tale signs, please contact Southland Pest Control for a termite inspection.


Your termite inspector will complete a through inspection of your home, pointing out areas of termite activity on your termite report (also known as a wood destroying organism report). Your licensed termite inspector will advise you of level of termite infestation in each area of your home and recommend the best type of treatment for your structure. Southland Pest Control offers both tent fumigation as a primary recommendation and secondary spot treatments for accessible termite infestations. We offer comprehensive guarantees on our termite control methods whether you decide to fumigate or locally treat your termites.


In addition to traditional structural fumigation, Southland Pest Control also offers heat tenting or heat “fumigation.” By turning the temperature up on your termite infestation we can eliminate your pests without the use of fumigants.

Secondary treatments, or more commonly referred to as “spot” treatments, can also be utilized to eradicate small isolated infestations of termites, depending on accessibility.