Riverside Pest Control Service Plan

Southland Pest Control’s

“Critter Control “- Once every other month pest control service plan.

Guaranteed Service Guaranteed Results

Riverside residents for about a buck a day we will keep your pests away.  Eliminate general pests (ants, spiders, crickets, pincher bugs, any crawling insect that crosses our barrier) all under our “Critter Control service plan – Our Bi-Monthly Pest Control Plan, is the most requested plan because it works!


Once every two months on a consistent preset date, you will receive a reminder phone call the day prior to your service, and on the day of service one of our Structural Pest Control licensed technicians will treat the exterior and interior of your home with the up most care.  Our technician will remove (exterior first floor) webs and treat around windows, doors and perimeter of your structure with a low toxicity product.  The treatment will be applied to all common areas of your yard and around the perimeter of the interior of your home.  This is an effective treatment & with our guaranteed protection, you won’t have to worry about bugs invading your personal space again. 

This Service Is Recommended For Residential homes

Our “Critter control program” service plan is ideal for most households. The treatments will eliminate and provide your family with round the clock pest control protection against general pest infestations.

Our products are engineered to provide effective protection for two months – Rest assure that your satisfaction is our main goal, if for some reason pests return between services, don’t worry you are covered, just call the office and we will be at your door step within 24 hours to re-treat between service dates at no additional cost.

Pests Covered Under Plan

Receive round the clock pest control guaranteed protection from the following bugs:








 Mud Daubers

 Black Widows

Bi-Monthly “Critter control” Service Plan Details

 No Cost Re-Treatments

 Indoor/Outdoor Protection

 Exterior Web Dusting

 15% Off Specialty Pests

 Indoor Treatments

 Cobweb Cleanup

Call us today to start your service tomorrow to enjoy a pest-free home immediately!


Pests not covered, but receive a 15% discount if you are a current client.

 Bed Bugs





 Fleas / Ticks

Also current customers get a 15% discount on

•Termite Inspections 

 K9 Bed Bug Inspections



Call us today to start your service tomorrow to enjoy a pest-free home immediately!