Flea Control

flea-controlA common pest and parasite in Southern California, fleas will find their way inside your home all year long. Flea eggs are laid in batches of about 20 eggs. Flea eggs can stay dormant for up to one year and as soon as they sense heat and movement nearby, or there is a rapid shift in the weather, the eggs hatch. The babies will then spread in your home or yard as they find their way to a host. Fleas have a 4 stage life cycle and this makes them difficult to control with over-the-counter products. These products do not permeate the eggs and rely solely on the eggs hatching before they kill the fleas. Pets must also be treated at the same time your home and yard are treated so they do not reintroduce them to the environment.


Before we begin treating your home for fleas, you will need to vacuum your whole home no more than one hour before service. The heat and movement of the vacuum will help any flea eggs in your home hatch prior to service. You will also need to schedule a flea treatment for any pets in the house at the time of the service. If the pets are not treated at the same time, the service cannot be performed since we do not want to risk reintroducing fleas to a treated environment. Once our technician arrives, an inspection of the property will be done to determine the scope of the problem. The technician will then apply a low-toxicity chemical treatment to the yard and interior of your home. You will need to be out of your home for about 4 hours to ensure that all treated surfaces have time to dry thoroughly.


All flea treatments have a 30 day guarantee that include one free re-treatment in that time. For the best guaranteed results, Southland Pest Control recommends starting a monthly preventative maintenance program after your initial service. For more information about our flea services, call us today!