Ant Control

 ant-controlAnts are a common pest year-round throughout southern California. In the Inland Empire and East Los Angeles county, the Argentine ant is the most prevalent household pest. Argentine ants, also known as “black” ants, are non-competitive with other Argentine colonies. This allows their numbers to surge to well over a million in a common colony. During heat waves or after rain storms, ants come inside seeking shelter, water and food sources. Over-the-counter pest products only kill foraging ants and do not treat the source of the problem.


Beginning with an inspection of your property, a Southland Pest Control technician will identify the source of the problem. The technician will follow up with a low impact exterior and interior treatment. For the best results, Southland Pest Control recommends starting a preventative pest maintenance program to prevent future infestations. Based on your schedule, you can choose a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service. Our ant services have a 6 month or 12 month warranty based on the service schedule you choose.